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Parents Code of Conduct


As a parent or guardian of a player participating in our soccer club, I understand and agree to adhere to the following Code of Conduct:

Positive Support: I will support my child in a positive manner, emphasizing skill development, effort, and sportsmanship over winning.

Respect: I will respect the decisions made by coaches, referees, and officials, and I will encourage my child to do the same.

Obey the Referee: I will abide by the decisions of the referees, recognizing their authority and understanding that they play a crucial role in ensuring fair play and maintaining the integrity of the game.

Remember the referee is always right, even when he/she is wrong.


Parents will remain on the opposite sidelines as the coaches and players.  Parents will not sit on the end lines.  Follow the direction of the official.

24 hour cool off period:  If an issue arises from a match or practice with a coach, official, or other parent: you as a parent will wait 24 hours before bringing the issue up for discussion.  In most cases, after 24 hours of thought, the issue is not as pressing or important as originally thought.  If after 24 hours the issue still needs discussion, follow the conflict resolution procedure.

Sportsmanship: I will encourage my child to demonstrate good sportsmanship, both on and off the field, and will lead by example through my own actions and words.

Safety: I will prioritize the safety and well-being of all players, including my own child, by following all club and league rules regarding equipment, injury prevention, and player conduct.

Communication: I will maintain open and respectful communication with my child’s coach, addressing any concerns or questions in a timely and appropriate manner.

Attendance and Punctuality: I will ensure that my child arrives at practices and games on time and prepared, and I will notify the coach promptly if my child is unable to attend.

Support for the Team: I will support the team and its coaches in a positive and constructive manner, avoiding negative or disruptive behavior during practices, games, or team events.

Respect for Opponents: I will encourage my child to show respect for opponents, coaches, and fans, regardless of the outcome of the game.

Conflict Resolution:
Our Path of Communication is extremely important to make sure that problems are addressed in an appropriate and timely manner. If you ever feel your player is in an unsafe or potentially harmful situation then you should immediately contact the Director of coaching. All discussions will be kept confidential if requested by the parent. If the issue is not a circumstance of player safety then we urge you to follow the path of communication identified below.


We urge you to bring up questions or concerns you may have without having fear of a backlash toward you or your child. AAYSA has a 24 hour cool off period- this means no conversations, calls, texts or emails immediately following a match. The following is the path of communication that needs to be implemented:


Player or Parent Concerns: You must first talk with the Coach. If the problem cannot be solved you will speak with your Team Manager. If the issue still cannot be solved it will be heard in front of the AAYSA Committee. Again, if the issue is still not solved it will go to the Board of Directors, if necessary.


The following path of communication is for the Coach, either with a player or parent concern. The coach will first talk to the player and/or parent, trying to solve the issue. If the issue cannot be solved, or the inappropriate behavior does not cease, the coach will contact the AAYSA Committee.  Again, if the issue is still not solved it will go to the Board of Directors, if necessary.

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