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Byga Registration and Scheduling Platform

AAYSA has adopted the Byga platform for registration, payment, and scheduling purposes to streamline the overall experience for our families. All families are required to follow these guidelines:

  1. Account Creation: Families must have an account on Byga. Use a preferred email address and provide the necessary information for each family member participating in AAYSA programs.

  2. Program Registration: Families must register their children for the desired sports or activities through the Byga platform. Payments should be processed directly within the app for a hassle-free experience.

  3. Schedules Access: Families must access their children's practice and game schedules via Byga. The platform enables users to sync schedules directly to their personal calendars and receive notifications for schedule updates or changes.

  4. RSVP for Practices and Games: To help coaches and team organizers manage team activities, families are required to RSVP their child(ren)'s availability for practices and games through the Byga app.

By adhering to these guidelines, AAYSA aims to create an organized, efficient, and enjoyable experience for all participants. 

Mobile App Download Instructions

You can also utilize the Byga mobile app to access commonly used team management and communication features of Byga.

Start by downloading the mobile app on your mobile device.

After downloading the Byga app, open the app and enter your Byga account information. The email and password should be the same one you already use for your Byga desktop web app.

If you have forgotten your password, please go to your club’s Byga account: (replace “yourclubname”)
Follow the instructions to reset your password. Alternatively, go to the Byga support page ( if you do not know to find the link for our club.

How do I find my club on Byga?

You should have received an email invite from Byga to your email account. You may want to check your Spam folder.

If you believe you received an invite but can't find the link, you can use Find Your Club: Enter your email and follow instructions.

If your account is not found, please contact to get an invitation to the Byga service.

Logging into Byga

The following cover various steps or issues for logging into your Byga account:

  • Byga will automatically send an invitation to set up a user account once you register your child for our program. A parent / guardian with an account may also invite another family member as an additional contact for their player.  Regardless of how you received the invite, follow the instructions in the activation link.

  • Note, if your activation link has expired, please contact us for a new activation link.

  • If you have previously set up your account but forgot your password, use the forgot password link in the login screen and follow the instructions to reset your password.

  • If you do not have the club site, you can use Find Your Club: Enter your email and follow instructions.

  • Use the same credential when logging into the mobile app.

If you still have questions, please don't hesitate to contact support at for assistance.

How to export or sync calendar

You can sync your Byga calendar to your Google calendar or Apple calendar.

On the Byga mobile iOS app, to sync to your iOS calendar:

  • Go to the calendar tab.

  • Click on the export icon at the top left of the screen.

  • Click on the Subscribe button (if part of multiple clubs, click on the sync link for the club you want to sync).

  • Complete iOS calendar syncing by confirming Subscribe.

On the Byga mobile app, to sync with another calendar:

  • Go to the calendar tab.

  • Click on the export icon at the top left of the screen.

  • Click on the "Instructions for subscribing in other calendars".

On the Byga web app:

  • After you log in to your Byga web app, click on your club logo and then click on My Calendar. This will take you to your personal page with your combined calendar in case you have multiple teams.

  • If logged in you can also go there by clicking on the Club logo on the top left to go to your dashboard page and click on "My Calendar."

  • Please click on the 'Subscribe/Export' button on the top right of your calendar. Either use the Subscribe/export button to open your calendar and subscribe or "copy subscription link" for import into your external calendar. If subscribing to Google Calendar, there is an additional article you may want to review.

  • If you have multiple teams and only want to subscribe to one of the team calendars, go to the team calendar and follow step 2 above.

Note: As with other apps, the sync process and change updates take time to be reflected on Google calendars (12-24 hours is typical for apps that syncs to Google calendar). The sync process with an iOS calendar is faster. In addition, in iOS the frequency of updates can be adjusted in iOS settings.

Also, note that on the web, you can access specific team calendars subscription links if you are associated with multiple teams. To do so, navigate to the specific team calendar to find the subscription link as described above. On the mobile app, you can only access the subscription link to your full schedule. Click on the "..." more menu at the footer and click on "Sync calendar" or find a shortcut at the top left when clicking on the calendar tab.

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