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Responsibilities of Team Manager

Each competitive team will designate a team manager, who is a volunteer, and plays a crucial role in the team's success throughout the season. The manager's primary responsibility is to organize and direct the team, fostering a positive attitude both on and off the field.

The team manager's responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Communication: Engage with the parents on your team, and disseminate club notifications.

  • Support Coaches: Assist team coaches during practices and games.

  • Assign Volunteers: Appoint weekly volunteer parents for the games.

  • Game Scheduling: Coordinate the schedule of the NorCal games for the team.

  • Fee Collection: Gather fees for club events.

  • Game Preparedness: Be ready for the NorCal game by executing the following:

    • Remind parents to RSVP on Byga by Tuesdays of the game week.

    • Bring the "US Club Medical Release Forms" and "player cards" to each game.

    • For home games, provide three game sheets for the referees. Instructions for printing passes, release forms, and game sheets can be found at

    • After home games, enter the score into Gotsport according to the game sheet.

    • Ensure distinct jersey numbers; modify with tape if necessary.

    • Set up the bench and shelter/tent for players.

    • Instruct parents about game rules:

      • Timeliness: Arrive 40 minutes early. Latecomers without excuse may not play in the first half.

      • Attitude: Maintain positivity; no negative remarks.

      • Respect: Abide by referee and coach decisions.

      • Field Access: Stay off the field unless permitted by coaches or referees.

      • Uniform & Equipment: Proper attire and equipment are required; for home game, wear RED and bring BLUE, for away game, wear BLUE bring RED.

      • Accessories: No hats, jewelry, watches, necklaces, or other ornaments during the game.

    • Home Field Maintenance: Check and handle field setup if required, including goals, flags, cones, etc. If your team is the last to play on Saturday or Sunday, ensure clean-up, including moving goals and putting back flags or cones.

These responsibilities help create a seamless experience for the team, emphasizing sportsmanship, respect, and enjoyment of the game.

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