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Ace Athletics Youth Soccer Academy Volunteer Information

AAYSA is a volunteer based, non-profit organization. All AAYSA competitive team families are required to volunteer 8 hours annually in club-related or team-related events.  Club-related events include tournaments, fundraisers, or participating in an AAYSA operation role. Some of the club-related volunteer jobs will be issued weekly per email. Team-related jobs will be assigned or issued by the team manager. AAYSA Volunteer Coordinator will send out emails monthly to let you know your current volunteer hours. We also offer a buy-out option for the families who have difficulties in contributing the time. Please email at to let us know if you choose the buy-out option. Failure to fulfill the required number of volunteer hours will result in a $150 volunteer fee charged. Please have proof ready of volunteer hours completed in case of any disputes.

Below are the volunteer opportunities during the season:

  • Team Management

  • Team Treasure

  • Veo Maintenance

  • Team Equipment Management

  • Event Support

  • Field Maintenance

  • Fundraising and Sponsorship

  • Long-term Volunteer on Social Media Management, Website Maintenance, Social Media Post Review(for more details about this please contact

**We list more details for each area,                               


   If you are interested please  

You can signup those open positions, for locked positions need to be assigned by volunteer board. Opportunities are not limited as above. Any help is appreciated! Feel free to contact

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