About Us

Asian-American Youth Soccer Academy (501c(3))was founded in 2019 by Coach Yang Zhou, started from Asian-American community and facing all ethnic groups, providing youth soccer training across the San Francisco Bay Area, at San Jose, Palo Alto, San Mateo, and Fremont sites. AAYSA has been growing fast with the support of hundreds of kids and families since it was founded.


Teaches fundamental soccer skills to youths of all ages, levels and ethnicities.

Provide each player with the opportunity to develop his/her highest potential.

Cultivate the spirit of leadership, cooperation, and sportsmanship through soccer. 

Promote sports exchange between youth from the US and Asian countries.


To provide the best youth sports organization attainable that serves all levels of youth soccer players while providing consistent AAYSA core values to develop life skills to our members.

Core Values



True leaders do not rely upon ego to place themselves at the top of the tree but rather an example they set through dedication, understanding, humility and willingness to set/maintain the highest standards. Being recognized more for the silence of their absence rather than the noise of their presence. Our intention is to produce leaders that can provide value to the greater community at large.



We will conduct ourselves in the highest ethical manner wherever the game is played. This includes honoring the rules of the game as well as respecting our opponents, officials, coaches, and fellow teammates. Additionally, we will show respect in the face of poor sportsmanship.



We will hold one another to a high level of performance, effort, and follow through.



Learning to work together towards a common goal or purpose, understanding that through a group effort great things can be achieved.



We will stand behind our handshake and our word, which are derived from character.