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YSC/AAYSA Recreational Program

Registration Guideline


Spring Quarter: 4/15/2023 - 6/25/2023

Registration link:


Please note that the start and end dates of the Spring Quarter (4/15/2023 - 6/25/2023) may be subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances.


On this page, you will find all the necessary resources to register your player and pay the registration fees for the upcoming quarter with YSC/AAYSA. Please note that all players must register and pay fees through the Byga app.


Please read the following guidelines carefully before making payment, as it is essential to understand our policies and prevent any potential disputes in the future.


Registration Window

Registration priority will be given in the following order for the upcoming quarter:

  1. Current pod players who are registering for the same pod time (3/28/2023 - 3/29/2023)

  2. Current pod players who are registering for a different pod time (3/30/2023)

  3. All new players (3/31/2023 - 4/13/2023)


Your player will be enrolled in the pod registration system on the Byga app. 


About Pod Practice and Game Schedules

YSC/AAYSA training and game schedules will be posted on the Byga app when the recreational program goes live. To access pod training schedules, field information, and player roster, please download the Byga app and log in. If you forget your password, please use the "forgot password" option to reset it. For assistance on how to use Byga, please visit Please note that some pod schedules may be subject to adjustments based on coach availability and game schedules.


Registration and Administration system “Byga apps”

YSC/AAYSA uses the Byga app for registration and payment. All families must register and access the practice and game schedules on this platform. RSVP for practice and games on the Byga app.

For new players, Byga automatically creates an account with the email used for registration. Download the Byga app and reset your password to access your account. For assistance on how to use Byga, please visit


About Payment

The Byga online registration system supports payment by credit card and echeck. Byga app surcharge fee may apply.


About the Tuition 

The registration fee includes coaching fees for weekly training, insurance, and facility use. This fee will be collected through the Byga App and does not include the cost of uniforms.


Uniform Ordering

All players in the recreational program are required to wear the YSC uniform during each practice and game. To order your uniform, please visit the official online store ( Uniforms can be picked up at the field, and you must present your uniform order confirmation at the time of pickup. Players will not be allowed to participate without the YSC uniform.


Withdraw, Pro-rate, and Refund Policy
No prorations, partial or full, will be made. Players who withdraw on or before 4/7/2023 will receive a full refund of their registration fees, minus a non-refundable processing fee of $50. After that date, no refund requests will be accepted.


Cancellation/Reschedule Policy

YSC/AAYSA will make every effort to reschedule a practice session in the event that training is canceled due to rain, smoke, or coach/field unavailability. While we will try to accommodate as many players as possible for the rescheduled practice, we cannot guarantee that every player's request will be met. Please note that there will be no refund provided if the player is unable to attend the rescheduled practice.


Makeup Policy

YSC/AAYSA cannot offer makeup sessions. We strongly encourage all players to attend each practice as team sports require commitment and punctuality.

Account information and Dispute resolution

If you need to request an account suspension, leave the club, or initiate a dispute resolution, please contact us at


Field Information

The most up-to-date field information will be available on the Byga app. Please note that fields are subject to change based on availability and city/park rules. Here are the current field locations:

  • Palo Alto site: Greer Park, fields 3 and 4 (grass)

  • Santa Clara site: Maywood Park (grass)

  • San Mateo site: Boothbay Park (grass) / Brewer Island Elementary School (turf) 

  • San Jose site: John Mise Park (turf with lights)

  • Fremont site: Irvington Community Park (turf with lights)


YSC/AAYSA Holiday Observation

Please note that there will be no training sessions held on the following holidays: Independence Day, Labor Day, Halloween, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Week, Christmas, New Year's Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Presidents’ Day, and Memorial Day.


YSC/AAYSA reserves the right to bill you for any outstanding payment for the complete season, regardless of the reason for leaving the program. Please note that YSC/AAYSA has a zero-tolerance policy towards negative behavior from parents towards players, coaches, officials, or other parents. Any threatening or abusive words or actions will not be tolerated, and we reserve the right to remove you from our program without a refund. We also reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.



Do you offer trial classes for new players?

We do not offer trial classes due to the differing skill levels of our players and limited availability of group spots.


Which age group should my player join?

Here are some tips to help you decide which age group your player should join:

  1. Consider your player's age: YSC/AAYSA offers programs for children ages 3 and above. Make sure your child meets the minimum age requirement for the program you are interested in.

  2. Consider your player's skill level: Look for programs that match your child's skill level. 

  3. Consult with coaches or program directors: If you are unsure about which program is the best fit for your child, consider reaching out to coaches or program directors for guidance. They can assess your child's skill level and recommend the best program for them.

  4. Consider your child's interests and goals: Talk to your child about their interests and goals. Do they want to play soccer for fun, or do they have aspirations to play competitively? This can help you choose a program that aligns with your child's interests and goals.

How can I find the practice schedule?

Your child's up-to-date practice schedule will be available on the Byga app. Please log in to the app after registration.


What happens if a practice or game is canceled?

If a practice or game is canceled due to rain, smoke, or coach/field unavailability, YSC/AAYSA will reschedule a practice session. However, we cannot meet every player's request for rescheduling. There will be no refund if a player is unable to attend the rescheduled practice.


Can I request an account suspension or leave the club?

Yes, if you need to request an account suspension or leave the club, please email us at Please note that no refund will be issued after the session has started.


What if my child misses a practice or game?

We strongly encourage all players to attend every practice and game, as consistency is key to improvement. However, if your child misses a practice or game, there are no makeup sessions available.


Can I get a refund if my child withdraws from the program?

Players who withdraw on or before 4/7/2023 will receive a full refund of registration fees minus the non-refundable $50 processing fee. After that, no refund request will be accepted.


Do you provide uniforms for players?

No, uniforms are not included in the registration fee. You can order your YSC uniform online ( and pick it up at the designated field location.


Who will be coaching my pod?

The Technical Directors and Director of Coaching will assign a professional coach to each pod.


Will my child always train with the same coach?

Each pod will have its own pod coach, and if a coach is unavailable, another coach will be assigned by the Technical Directors or Director of Coaching.


How can I ask questions or submit inquiries?

The primary mode of communication for training and games will be through Byga. You will receive email notifications about practice cancellations, rescheduling, game information, and emergency alerts. If you have any concerns, please contact us at Please note that WeChat groups and messages are limited to club auxiliary services and information release. We do not accept WeChat requests, and we cannot answer each question on WeChat.


What is the WeChat policy?

To maintain the exclusivity and priority of information for club members and parents, the WeChat group is limited to local area members and parents only. Non-club members and group friends will be transferred to the AAYSA non-member consulting group. Please contact WeChat 'AAYSA2019' to join your WeChat group. The WeChat practice group is to keep the players together and ensure they receive notifications quickly, but it is not intended for club policy related discussions. Any use of abusive or disrespectful language will not be tolerated, and you will be removed from the group if such behavior is observed.


Where should parents and spectators stay during practice?

Except for the Parents & Me program, parents are required to leave the training field after dropping off their child, unless the coach has invited them to stay for special assistance. Only coaches and players should be on the training field during the session. However, parents should remain nearby in case their child needs to go to the bathroom or requires any other assistance.


What forms of payment are accepted at registration?

We accept credit cards and bank e-check.


What is the Byga surcharge fee?

The Byga app will add a processing fee to each transaction. This fee is not collected by YSC/AAYSA.


Can I request for my child to be placed in a specific pod?

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that a specific coach will be assigned to your child’s pod. However, all of our coaches are experienced and trained professionals who are dedicated to helping your child improve their soccer skills.


Can I switch to another pod?

Yes, if there are available spots and if your child's skill level is appropriate for the desired pod.


Will pod players play in any games?

Yes, pod players will participate in the YSC/AAYSA in-house games. Please refer to the Byga app schedule for game schedules. Please note that game times may not necessarily be the same as practice times, as all current players are expected to participate in the in-house games.


I am interested in being a major sponsorship partner with AAYSA/YSC. Who should I contact?

For customized sponsorship opportunities, please contact


Does "year-round" mean 52 weeks of non-stop soccer?

No, the YSC/AAYSA program is not 52 weeks of non-stop soccer. The program observes the holidays listed above and may have other breaks throughout the year. "Year-round" means that the soccer program operates throughout the year, rather than just during a specific season, such as fall or spring. This means that there may be opportunities for players to participate in soccer training and games during different times of the year, depending on the program's schedule and availability. However, this does not necessarily mean that the program operates every week of the year without any breaks.


What should I do if my child is injured?

Please contact and provide a doctor's note. The YSC/AAYSA board will review your request and make a decision.


How can I receive a referral reward and sibling discount?

To receive a referral reward or sibling discount, please follow these steps:

  1. Refer a new friend to our program and make sure they register.

  2. Once both registrations are complete, contact us at and provide the names and birthdates of both your child and the referred friend.

  3. We will refund a $15 credit to your account for the referral reward or apply the appropriate discount to your current quarter's invoice for the sibling discount.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at

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