REC Program

AAYSA REC Program is an important component of the AAYSA Development Pathway. The program aims to bridge the gap to our Competitive Program that begins at Under-8. Our goal is to begin to orientate our players in getting accustomed to training with a fully licensed professional coach, training sessions from our Curriculum, and games.

REC Program is created to develop a young player's soccer talent. The program is specifically targeting the youth soccer players who are not yet ready for a more competitive program. We make it a fun and challenging environment for the kids as well as preparing them for the competitive side of soccer when they are a little older.

The REC program will provide a year-round program. Each week will focus on a single topic. Dribbling, passing and receiving, shooting 1v1s and 2v2s will be part of the fun experience your little soccer star will experience. They will enjoy a more relaxed atmosphere with soccer related games that will keep them engaged and loving the greatest sport in the world.