About Payment Options:

Please read the information below as we have made a few changes to our registration program options.

Pay in Full by Credit Card- The Byga online registration system supports pay in full by credit card and echeck. Select Team fall 2021 registration window starts 6/21/201 and ends 6/25/2021.


Installment Payment Option- The Byga online registration system supports installment payment by credit card and echeck. The first installment will be fulfilled at the registration and the second installment will be fulfilled on 9/15/2021.


































About the Fees: 


Fees Include

Coaching fees for weekly training and weekend matches, player pass for one association, one state registration, one league registration, insurance, club fee, facility use, and referees. This fee will be collected through the BygaApp. 


Items Not Included

Uniforms, tournaments, travel (application/coach expenses you pay directly to your manager), state play-offs, summer programs, camp and participation in more than one association. All fees not included will be paid directly to your team manager.


Uniform Ordering

Please order your uniform at the AAYSA official online store. AAYSA offers once a month field uniform pickup schedule by email. Please present your uniform order confirmation and pick up as scheduled accordingly. 

Withdraw, Refund and Pro-rate policy 

A player who accepts an invitation to play with the Club commits to pay the entire fee for the full year. No pro-rates, refunds, partial or full, will be made. Some exceptions apply and are outlined in detail in the sections below. 

Account information and Dispute resolution

If you like to request a refund, account suspend, leaving the club or dispute resolution, please use the following form:AAYSA Membership Request Form 


Those seeking to only play for one season can request a cancellation at the conclusion of the Fall season before the cancellation deadline. The cancellation deadline will be on December 10th, 2021. Refunds will only be applied if the cancellation is requested before the cancellation deadline. Only the following club link shall be used to request a membership cancellation: please use the following form:AAYSA Membership Request Form

Notifications to the team managers or  team coach about a planned membership cancellation are not sufficient. Notifications via email, wechat or any other method are not sufficient. The link above has to be used to contact the club.

For a refund and volunteer credits will be recalculated to reflect the change from annual to seasonal.   


Past dues

Players will not be allowed to attend training until payment arrangements for past dues are in place.


Volunteer Requirement or Buyout Option (Select Team only and required)

All AAYSA families are required to volunteer 4 hours per season and 8 hours annually in Club related Events. Club related events pertain to Tournaments, Fundraisers, or participating in a Club Operation role. Club Operation roles include being a manager for a team. Failure to fulfill the required number of volunteer hours will result in a $150 volunteer fee charged at the end of each individual season (Fall/Spring) once club payments are completed. Please have proof ready of volunteer hours completed in case of any disputes. Interested families can select the buy-out option during the registration. Please claim your volunteer hours here: AAYSA Volunteer Hour Claim Form.


Late Payments

The club designates a deadline date for payments. Any payments received after this due date a late fee will be added. It is the player/parents’ responsibility to pay these late fees prior to starting training/games. Any payments not completed in the time allowed will result in a late fee added. Your player card will be held until payments are received. Please review information on our Late Fee Policy for details regarding late payment fees.

Late Fee Policy: 

  • $10 late fee for past due balance 1-30 days

  • $20 late for past due balance 31-60 days

  • $40 late fee for past due balance 61-90 days

  • Accounts 91-120 days past due will be result in immediate removal from the club 


Credit Card Default 

If you have an out of date credit card on file with BygaApps, you need to edit the credit card details prior to your next payment. Failure to do this will result in your payment not going through. This will then trigger an email of default to you and the club. The club policy allows you 72hrs to update your payment plan. 


As we make a commitment to you and your family regarding placement of your child on the team for the whole season, we expect you to do the same regarding payment of fees. No refunds will be given for any club fee or registration fee for a child that leaves the program or decides to stop playing. 


AAYSA reserves the right to bill you for any outstanding payment for the complete season regardless of the reason why you leave the program. AAYSA has a zero tolerance policy on parent behavior towards players, coaches, officials, and other parents. If we find you have been found to use threatening and/or abusive words or actions we have the right to remove you from our program, with no refund. We do reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. If any parents have issues or concerns regarding our payment policy, please contact info@aaysacademy.org


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