"I strongly recommend AAYSA to anyone who loves soccer. Coach Zhou has devoted her heart to design very thoughtful, effective and engaging programs to help kids learn soccer in a fun way and build the team spirits at the same time.

My kid didn't like soccer that much at the beginning. But he changed his mind after the first session with coach Zhou. He is a big fan of soccer now. He not only played a lot better, but also made a lot of new friends off the field. Moreover, he started taking responsibility himself by showing up on time, helping coach after the training session and volunteering many other activities.


Many other coaches emphasize the fun aspect of soccer for young kids, which is alright. But coach Zhou effectively combines the fun aspect with very well designed training programs so that kids improve a lot on the field and start appreciating the true spirit of soccer."

— Xu Z.

Palo Alto, CA

April 2020

"My 8-year-old boy always likes playing soccer. He had been in the city's recreation soccer classes and after school soccer program since 5-year-old. He had fun for sure, however, be honest, over 3 years these classes only kept repeating the very basic skills.

We joined AAYSA in summer 2019. There are different age groups for kids. The founder Coach Zhou has been teaching different skills to kids. She really focus on details, and help kids individually if they did not get the right technique. She is nice and patient. Just a couple months, we could see the dramatic improvement of my boy's soccer skills. And he made friends in the team and totally fall in love with soccer.

My boy is at 2010-2011 team. His team members are nice and friendly.

Since March 2020, AAYSA turns to online training due to Covid-19 Shelter-in-Place. 45 minutes online training every weekday, 1 game seminar on Sunday, and weekly online challenge keep my boy practice everyday. It works out well during this special time.

We strongly recommend AAYSA because not only have fun with soccer, but also improve kids' skills."

— Lily C.
Fremont, CA
May 2020


"Coach Zhou's playing experience tells all. She is a prestigious athlete and professional coach. Now specializing in instructing younger generation, she's full of patience, spirit and skill, knowing well what the kids need and how to guide them in an efficient,joyful and encouraging way. The academy is just one year young but the progress of the students including my son is substantial. Highly recommended!"

— Yan W.
Palo Alto, CA
April 2020


"Would highly recommend it!! Both of my kids love the online training with Coach Yang and also they really love the online challenge, juggling, faking out and etc. I found they fall in love with soccer while stay at home. They always play with the ball. Thank AAYSA to keep them busy and fit."

— Jane F.
San Mateo, CA
June 2020


"Highly recommend AAYSA club. My kid started training in the club with Coach Yang since 5 years old. Made a lot of progress on soccer skills. Comparing with other group training soccer program, AAYSA coach offers more attentions to individual player development no matter what skill level they started with."

— Nin Y.
San Mateo, CA
June 2020