About Seasons:

AAYSA requires an annual Select Team player registration which spans two playing seasons (fall season 8/15/2021-12/15/2021 and spring season 2/15/2022-6/15/2022).


The term of the player registration is from the beginning of Fall 2021 and ends after the Spring 2022 season. Those seeking to only play for one season can request a cancellation at the conclusion of the Fall season before the cancellation deadline. The cancellation deadline will be on December 10th, 2021. Refunds for the 2022 Spring Season will only be applied if the cancellation is requested before the cancellation deadline.


Only the following club link shall be used to request a membership cancellation:

AAYSA Membership Request Form

Notifications to the team managers or  team coach about a planned membership cancellation are not sufficient. Notifications via email or wechat or any other method are not sufficient.  The link above has to be used to contact the club.


About Practice and Game Schedules:

AAYSA Select Team practice schedule will post on the Bgya app once the field reservation applications are approved by the city and parks in July. 

Please note: Select Team players do not have to join the pod training once the team practice starts. Select Team players will have twice a week 90mins team practice and a game on weekend.

Here are the tentative practice schedules for your reference and plan accordingly. This schedule will be notified to Select Team players once approved by the city and parks in July.


AAYSA Select Team games schedules will be posted on the Byga app once game schedules are released by NorCal Premier.

Please note: NorCal does not schedule the league games every weekend for the whole season. The estimated number of NorCal games will be 8-10.