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YSC/AAYSA Recreational Program

YSC/AAYSA offers year-round recreational soccer programs for kids of all skill levels. The program focuses on providing kids with an enjoyable experience while developing their soccer skills.


Recreational Programs Offered:


Parents & Me

Parents & Me Program is designed for children ages 3-4 to play soccer with their parents. This program provides a fun and comfortable environment for kids to learn soccer skills and enjoy the game. Parents are required to attend practices and games with their child; drop-offs are not permitted.

Who: Boys and Girls along with their parents, ages 3-4

Limit: Max 10 players per group

When: 45-minute field training at a scheduled time once a week.

Where: Palo Alto

Fees: $350 for 10 lessons (Byga app surcharge fee may apply)


4 Can Play

4 Can Play Program is designed for children who are 4 years old and ready to start playing soccer independently. This small group training program is led by a professional coach and focuses on fundamental soccer skills for beginners. Children will also have the opportunity to play in-house games.

Who: Boys and Girls, 4 years old

Limit: Maximum of 8 players per group

When: 45-minute field training at a scheduled time once a week

Where: Palo Alto

Fees: $350 for 10 lessons (8 practices & 2 games). Byga app surcharge fee may apply.


Pod Training

YSC/AAYSA offers year-round field pod training for boys and girls of all skill levels who are 4 years old and above. Each pod consists of a small group of up to 10 players with a professional coach who provides fundamental soccer technical training. Players get to play soccer with friends, classmates, and teammates and participate in in-house games. The training takes place once a week for 55 minutes at a scheduled time, and is offered in Palo Alto, San Jose, Santa Clara, San Mateo, and Fremont. The cost for 10 lessons, which includes 8 practices and 2 games, is $400 (Byga app surcharge fee may apply).


Please note that the schedule for in-house games will be determined by the club and may not coincide with the regular training times.


Pod Registration Priorities:

We will publish registration information for each quarter on our website. The registration priority for each quarter is as follows:

  1. Current pod players who are registering for the same training time.

  2. Current pod players who are registering for a different training time.

  3. New players who can choose an available time.

Please note that current pod players are those who have registered and paid in full for the last quarter. Registration payment must be completed to secure a spot. If you have not paid in full for the last quarter or have discontinued training, you are not considered a current pod player.



Referral Reward: 

If you refer a new player to the program, we will credit your account with $15 that you can use towards a future quarter. To take advantage of this offer, simply email us at with the details of your referral, and we will apply the credit to both your account and the new player's account. Thank you for helping us grow our soccer community!


Sibling Discount: 

$15 credit/sibling/quarter. Please email at about your sibling details.

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